Thursday, July 31, 2008

IV Real

Tonight will be IV time seeing Dark Knight...but the 1st on the IMAX! mmmm.  Its my prize for working so hard.  On what, you may be asking, well, I'm preparing for my Calculus class by practicing through chapter one and two in the text. Then I'll take a pre-test to see if I can even join the class.  It has only been 14 years since I took it last...and I have an amazing memory (ha!). The Utah Education Department is ridiculous.  I teach pre-algebra, not Calculus.

I've been visiting Becky in Provo and helping her with her new house.  Sandra has designed her bathroom for me to create!  It has some cool 70's orange and red linoleum that the room was designed around.  So far I've painted the walls orange and will put up the white board walls tomorrow.  I love it!  I especially love that I get to see her so often.  I don't want school to start!!  Two weeks AHHHAHAHAHHHH!

(sorry no pix of the blue - it's not that dramatic, so don't be disappointed)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ali dyed my hair (the bottom part) a bright blue yesterday.  We had to bleach it blonde first and then color it blue, the rest was dyed a dark dark brown.  I love it!  We refer to it as "the new mullet" (business in the front - party in the back).

I also learned to play poker at Jen's house.  (Jen's house was the inspiration for my bedroom - blue and black...hmmm and maybe for my hair too?!).  I am not good.  I cannot bluff.  I cannot strategize.  I lost all of my chips, slowly (because I am so conservative - even with fake money - that I lasted a long time, but played very little) while my friends cleaned house - Go Ali Go Sandra!  

I will add pictures later...well, when I take some (its not everyday you have a photo shoot of the underhairs).  That just sounds wrong...the hair under...whatever...on my neck.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls' Day!

Sometimes I get so busy doing nothing that I don't get out and see my friends.  This month has been different and GREAT!  I've been able to spend time with high school friends, freshman roomies, BYU friends, and long lost ones (which could include any of the above).  Today I went to SLC with Jeani (and kids) to visit Alisha (and kids).  It was exhausting and I didn't even have a kid!  It was nice to catch up and to see what GREAT mom's my friends are.  Deep down I know I'm jealous, but on the surface I'm selfish with my time and I can see that kids take a lot of dedication and time :)  I am grateful that I have such amazing friends and that there is hope that this world has these kinds of mothers out there raising the next generation.  (jeani and alisha among many of my friends and family - I need to get my butt in gear and join the crowd...maybe, someday).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

School Work!

I am proud to say that I did work today (besides my projects).  I am now planned August through the end of December.  SWEET!  Next week I'll work on January - March and then the rest in August, just in time for school to start.  I also finished the Bluffs family newsletter.  It is a semi-annual newsletter of my friends that live in our townhomes (The Bluffs-there are 12 of us).  This newsletter had stick drawings, instead of our normal photographs, and was written in Mad-Lib form.  I think it is one of my best.  One might LOL upon reading it.

I read The Alchemyst today.  I have heard it is the book to read right now, and I love to up on things so I bought it and read it.  It didn't seem much like a book to be discussed amongst scholars, though I thought it was entertaining.  It was the first book in a series (I didn't realize) so I went back and bought the next book, The Magician, today.  They are written by Michael Scott, so I couldn't resist.  As I meandered through the bookstore I saw another The Alchemist (with an i) book on the Best Buys section.  It was a totally different book than the one I read...hmmm.  I am apparently reading the teenager, fictional Alchemyst :)  I do love teen lit!  I'll try the "real" one later I suppose.

Tomorrow is the 24th of July - Utah's holiday!  I don't have to work, so I'm going with another group of friends to see The Dark Knight (3rd time) at noon.  It should be just as good and just as jumpy as the first two times.  Maybe Ali will enlighten us with another Sidewalk of Fire in her pioneer gear.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

I met with friends, at the Gateway, to see the newest Batman movie.  I did see it last Saturday and have tickets to see it again on Thursday.  I guess some people are social drinkers, I'm a social movie goer...and a social ice cream eater (not a real fan of ice cream, but tend to eat it among other ice cream eaters)...and a social BBQer (I do not like bbqed food).  Anyway, we arrived plenty early for the 7:40pm showing.  We waited out front for our other friends who were late...the movie was starting SOON (I hate missing previews).

We made it to our seats in the dark.  Soon after, a man came with tickets that matched ours.  Hmm.  A worker came in and checked our tickets and found that we were in the right seats just the wrong theatre and at the wrong time (6:40pm).  Oh dear!  Who bought these tickets!?  Amber (who bought them) talked to a manager and got us new tickets to the almost sold out show.  He pointed to the seats on the screen - top back corner.  We made it up there for the beginning of the movie.  We were split up.  I sat down next to a couple who said, "these are our friends' seats" and I replied, "well I have a ticket to sit here".  Having never actually seen the tickets.

Another large group came in shortly after and asked for our tickets because we were in their seats.  Sheesh.  So we moved again interrupting everyone's movie experience, and left the room to look at our actual tickets.  Row B and C (2nd and 3rd rows) so the screen showing our seats was upside down.  We ended up on those rows and enjoyed the rest of the movie.  It was hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time.  I made sure I had a ticket IN MY HAND and matched it to my seat before sitting again!  

It is a dark and gory movie, but well done.  Heath Ledger did an amazing job.  I cried at the end both times.  I thought that the idea of hope in humanity was well done, but sad that it had to be fabricated at the end.  I closed my eyes and plugged my ears for much of the fighting which makes it easier for me to watch, but I screamed and jumped out of my chair a few times, scaring my seat companions.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swollen Sabbath

To save the world, one act at a time, I decided to walk to church like I used to.  I should have put more thought into my blisters cover my entire heel, its creepy.  I walked bare foot 3/4 of the way and couldn't walk at all while at church, thus trumping the cute shoes.  I got a ride home with a nice neighbor.

Now my eyes are swollen shut due to the worst allergies I've ever had.  Usually they don't kick in  until mid-late August, but lucky me they came a month early.  I'm trying not to rub my eyes because that is bad.  But the more I think about NOT rubbing my eyes the harder it is not too.  Its like the tinted windows in my car (see previous entry) I feel like rolling it down the whole time I'm in my vehicle.

What do you see when you rub YOUR eyes?  I see black and red checks in all sizes spiral in nature in several areas meeting along the center bright white lightning bolt.  I bet you've never thought about what you see when your eyes are closed.  I try to think how I would portray my eyes being closed, as if I were filming it...thus the checker board spirals.

Como se llamas?

Just returned from the Spanish Fork Llama festival.  It was over 100 degrees.  It was held at the Hare Chrishna Temple.  We were required to remove our shoes just outside the doors of the entrance.  I was impressed with the respect the many visitors maintained in their temple.  In the basement they sold Indian (dot not the feather) goods and food.  It is a beautiful building.  

Outside were the llama activities.  They had several llamas competing in the obstacle course, which had stairs, ramps, hurdles, in through the van and out the rear of said van, around and through a horse trailer, through curved pipes down low and others with streamers hanging down.  Sandra and I decided that llamas have a bit of an attitude.  The announcer was forever telling us the thoughts of each llama and why they would or wouldn't do certain tasks...and he was always correct.  It was entertaining and I'm happy to add another unique festival to my list this summer.  Pictures to come later.

PS.  I had my windows tinted (mentioned earlier) and learned that I cannot open any of the windows for 2-3 days while it sets up.  The company put a large green tape over the driver-side window controller that says "Do not roll down your windows"/  Now I have the urge to roll down my windows every time I get in the car.  I've never had this craving before but now I cannot stand being in my car and not rolling down the windows.  It is ridiculous!  

Friday, July 18, 2008


Or lack thereof.  I had big plans to organize my room today.  Instead, I moped around and found anything to do, but my room.  I also have to repaint some furniture (apparently the PRIMING part is more important than I thought).  Yikes, it is painting prison.  BUT my walls are done (except behind my bed because I am not strong enough to move it)...tacky, I know.

I started organizing and then realized I had to tint the windows in my car.  Which meant I had to get ready and go.  Now I am back and my room is still a disaster.  I'm done with this!  AHHH!  But its beautiful and I can't complain, plus my car is nice and cool.

Tonight I am going to see Dark Knight!  Wahoo!  Alright enough avoiding...back to work...oh wait I have to shower and get ready for the movie.  I guess cleaning will be done tomorrow...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Central

Yesterday, after a peaceful yoga morning, I spent the day painting everything I own.  My bedroom is now a light blue and my furniture a flat black.  It looks very cool, but the rest of my stuff is all over and I can't walk anywhere.  Today should be the day I finish everything and tomorrow will be the day of organization.  If you notice I took both photos of the same is the only CLEAN area of my room.  All the while, I'm listening the Stephenie Meyers' "Eclipse".  Is there a more annoying character in the world?  I would say no!  But still listening, none the less.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inner Peace

I've taken two yoga classes now (8am).  I feel weak and unbendy, but improving.  I am breathing and stretching my way to a more peaceful life.  Friday's class is at 7am...I guess I'll be taking a break until Monday :)  I've been ignoring Fat Arm and trying everything anyway...lets just pray it doesn't swell.  I think I deserve that much!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Summer Day

I'm not sure why I've chosen to start a blog.  Nothing really happens in my life that would be of interest to anyone but me, but it seems to be the thing to do!

This summer I have a few projects in the works.  The first project I completed was a photo album printed up of my Church History trip to New York and Ohio (including some fun stops along the way).  The first uncompleted project is the painting of my room and furniture.  As Marti calls it:  painting prison.  It takes up all of your extra minutes.  My bed is done and one set of shelves.  I have a desk and dresser to finish (and start, for that matter).  My room will be a very light blue and my furniture is a flat black.  Mark says its very contemporary.  Another project is to organize my school stuff.  Yep, I'm working even when I'm not working!  I just think that if I do my planning now that it will be much easier later (its only taken 6 years to figure this out).

I love summer.  I enjoy movies and its always nice to be able to see a matinĂ©e at the cheaper price.  Movies I have enjoyed so far:  Hancock twice (good but a lot of swearing and some more swearing), Get Smart twice (probably my favorite of the year - it's laugh-outloud funny), Batman (will see on Friday - heard great reviews), Chronicles of Narnia 2 (I loved it - even though the theatre rained on us),  and I can't think of any more at the moment.  Unlike most people, I cannot remember movies very well and often have to see them twice to really know what they are all about.  So, if you don't have to do this...count yourself blessed.