Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enzo the hairstylist

June 23, 2009 TUESDAY
Oh sure, here dad, have some diabetes - pat
Maybe you should get 5 waters... (chest squeeze) - ali to amanda
You and me, we're taking back sunday - steph (front seats)
That is an awesome fro-mullet! - tanya
You light a cow on fire, the cow is going to burn - leather guy
They'll need to press this "mute" button - Sue (about us moving back to the front)
Did you say, "can you imagine living there?"  - steph to ali about the cemetary
I think I enjoyed Enzo taking off his hirt a little more than I should have - MD girl (small face)
I don't want to get hit by those - Sue (boobs)
I totally poured a Tanya - sandra (spilling)
And I was like, "I am so perfect" - steph
No Whisper! - Enzo
I was kind of Japanese - ali
As your asian expert... - tanya