Sunday, November 30, 2008

Primary isn't for sissies

Last Sunday I was sustain as a "primary worker".  That means they can do whatever they want with you, in there.  Someone dropped off the manual during the week and nothing else was said.  I was nervous to teach in primary since I've never done it before.  I have no idea how everything works.  I found a schedule of lessons in the manual so I studied and prepared a great lesson on Moroni and having faith in Jesus Christ.

I took my back pack to church with all of my primary/church materials in it (having to take tape and scissors, markers and paper - ridiculous!).  After sacrament meeting I stood in the hallway.  Where is primary?  Where is the library?  What am I doing?  Jenicee pointed to the sharing time room and I walked in and looked around.  I'm still new and don't really know a lot of people, so with the one ward leaving and ours coming in, I had no idea where I was supposed to be.  I hoped that someone would come show me, but I just looked around for awhile.  

The boys from the left of the room said, "I think that is our new teacher" and came right over and showed me where they sit.  I sat by them and Mason introduced himself and asked if he could take roll.   Sure.  By the time opening exercises started they were all on the row in front of me and I was sitting alone.  Hmmm.

Because primary teachers tend to not show up (I guess), I was asked to take the class just under mine as well.  So I had a crazy group of kids.  The lesson I planned was obviously for a more advanced group...such as adults (because that is who I am used to teaching).  Next class I will definitely have more hands on interactive learning.  By the end of sharing time (closing exercises) I really liked these kids.  We had a great day together and I'm excited to teach them again.  I guess praying for a desire to like this calling really came back to bless me.  I'm actually disappointed that I won't be there next Sunday (baby blessing) and hope they miss me (not that they'd ever tell me)!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Laser Tag 2008

I played laser tag with a company ( in Layton last month.  It was great fun and worth all $10 to play for 2 hours.  So, I hired my own game for last night.  I recruited about 40 people to play (mostly focused on a family game with a few friends to fill in the gaps).  We met for pizza and carpooling then headed to Copperton Park to play.  It was FREEZING cold, but we would warm up running around shooting people.  After a 20 minute debriefing we played our first game.  Only 24 people ended up showing, because some people are just flakes (don't say you're going to come if you're not going to - especially if I already paid for you!  I have problems committing, so I don't.  If you commit, commit).

It was crazy cold the first game, but slowly warmed as we ran around.  It was dark and we had a lot of trees to hide behind.  I was on the Bravo team (who ended up winning in the end).  We had a slow start - a lot of death by friendly fire.  We worked on our skills and improved in team work and aim.  Ryan was our captain (after Josh started explaining how to use the radio and was throwing out all sorts of acronyms and rules I needed to know.  We all knew I would be useless, so I quietly passed on my captainship and radio to Ryan - he made an efficient commander).

We had several missions to accomplish with FOBs, MOBs, the LZ, King 6, Delta 51, Snipers, Medics, Alpha, Bravo, and other military stuff.  My favorite was the game with the soccer ball... a lot of running and yelling information.  Nathan (Dallin's friend) was a speedy little guy and scored several goals on us easily.  We really had to work for our goals and had Mark yelling "integrity" at my friends, Kevin kicking the ball away from Andy, people running around with no idea where the ball was or what they were doing, it was awesome!  I hope to play again, though I'll wait until the weather warms up.  Thanks everyone for a great evening!  I love being a Doyle.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cancer Free Christmas

Yesterday I had my semi-annual cancer check up.  I am cancer free again!  Yippy!  My next appointment isn't until next September - HOORAY!  I will be taken off Tamoxifin at that time and considered as free and clear as I can be for a Breast Cancer Survivor (the 5 year mark is magical or so they say).
I'm usually pretty good at not flinching, but when my doctor checks the lymphnodes in my armpit I giggle uncontrollably.  I feel like a 3 yr. old, but I can't even help it.  It happens EVERY check up and he always says, "does that tickle?"  duh... maybe he's wondering if breast checks make me uncomfortable and therefore I giggle, but after 4 years I think I'm pretty open about it all.

I am planning a trip to Switzerland for Christmas.  I thought I'd go from Dec.22 - 27 (anyone want to come with me?!).    When is the family party?  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

part two creative pix

 "i hate the phone, but i wish you'd call" is a line from one of Joshua Radin's songs that I felt I truly understood, therefore it is my first t-shirt design.

"Vegetable Car" is his song about a girl in Lisa Loeb glasses that drives a car that runs on vegetable oil.  Its an old Mercedes.  Joshua Radin calls his music "whisper rock" so his slogans is SHHHHHHH, so that is why the vegetable car and joshhhhhhhua.  I really like this one, if it doesn't win I think I'll make my own t-shirt.

Creative Steph

Sometimes I feel really creative and sometimes I feel nothing at all.   The other night I couldn't fall asleep right away and I knew it was a creative time.   I started drawing some designs for the Joshua Radin t-shirt design contest.  Its been years since I've drawn anything.  Then I decided it was time to finish writing that article for the Ensign (part of my 50 things to accomplish is to be published in the Ensign, so I'm starting now in case it takes a long time).  I haven't written anything since my book was published (just throwing that in there in case I forget that I've accomplished something).  

Its a new term in dance and I'm starting a new contemporary section, which is usually my favorite, but with 6-10 guys in each class it changes the dynamics and makes contemporary harder to sell than normal.  But I've created a very pedestrian dance that will be cool and they haven't figured out its modern... yet.  THEN, when that was done I finished writing the lyrics to a song I will someday write music to... if only I had music abilities, this would go a lot faster.  It'll be a dark song, but hopefully cool.  I can feel the creativity diminishing, but I'm doing everything I can to tap it out.

I have to throw in photos or no one will read it!  Here is me on Halloween as Where's Waldo.  here are some of my designs for Joshua Radin.