Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't get all "cheer mom" on me...

"Cheer mom sexted pictures of her daughter's rival cheerleader..." "Mom stole daughter's identity and became a high school cheerleader..." "Cheer mom sues team..." WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

This is a typical East Side story, not Magna's. I've heard the horror stories of THE Cheer Mom, but I've never truly experienced it... until NOW.

One day a crazy lady attacks the principal with allegations of Ms. Doyle's lack of morals and vulgar dance moves. Of course, if you'd ever met Ms. Doyle you'd know that is completely untrue, and the principal said so. This lady visited the principal's office on several occassions with random complaints about Ms. Doyle's dance program and her daughter's talents (which were lacking, believe me). Several teachers avoid her, at all cost, because she is loud, rude and overbearing. Who wants to deal with that if you don't have to?! (yeah, me neither).

She had always been very polite to Ms. Doyle and continues to be polite, to this day. Had she not heard the horror stories from the principal, she'd have NO IDEA there was an issue. (Ms. Doyle only found out because the principal had to clear up the allegations... which she did, easily).

Cheer daughter, we'll call her, did not make grades to tryout for cheerleading. whew. She set out to fix the grade issues... along with her mother. They bullied teachers into allowing cheer daughter to turn in late work - post 3rd term grades. Her GPA raised from a 2.3 to a 3.2. Ugh. It did make some sense because she had a broken arm, but she used that as a reason to get out of work until she realized how badly it affected her grades, then she tried to play victim.

The principal spent MANY hours discussing cheer daughter issues, with the principal keeping her ground. Finally, it came down to the "Eligability Committee" meeting deciding that she would be allowed to tryout for Dance Company (2.5 GPA required), but not cheerleading. Ms. Doyle had to inform cheer daughter of the verdict. She was not happy.

Cheer mom called Ms. Doyle. She was polite and the conversation was calm and Ms. Doyle blamed everything on the "Eligability Committee"'s decision. Poor principal got to spend a few more hours in annoying meetings with crazy cheer mom and dad. LONG STORY short... Ms. Doyle had to assure the principal that she had very thick skin and couldn't care less about what parents say about her... especially crazy ones. Allow the girl to tryout and avoid all of this chaos. Cheer mom manipulated and threatened the school with lawsuits and hassles until the principal had to cave to her demands... though she let her boil until half way through tryouts before allowing it.

cheer daughter made it. Too bad she was really good! :)

I better not have to deal with this... oh wait, I haven't dealt with it yet. THANKS AWESOME SUPPORTIVE PRINCIPAL!