Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I hate even numbers, especially 8 and sometimes 6
I hate the color green because it seems even and circular, very similar to the 6
If I want something, I get it - almost obsessively
I'm an addict of TV, candy, dancing, and dreaming
I always assume everything will work out regardless of how ridiculous it is
Action movies are my favorite
I enjoy sharing my brain with others, and analyzing things
I am driven to make life easier for the less fortunate and to save the Earth
I secretly wish I worked in forensic science
I feel a need to be connected to people without wanting to connect with people
My life runs on a schedule though nothing is ever scheduled
I don't understand girl drama and feel uncomfortable when people cry
My OCD behavior is continually being under-minded by my desire to be lazy
I crave things I don't even want
The phone causes me anxiety
I read teen literature and sometimes life changing books
I love office supplies and stores - pens, pencils, paper, books, bags
Fitted clothing around my waist makes me feel claustrophobic
I hear music... always
I see dancing...always
I feel bad for inanimate objects' feelings
I talk to myself, sometimes even when others are around
I know I'll be famous for something someday

I hope you enjoyed a little randomness about me :) 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st day of 2rd term.  1st day of 2nd semester.  1st day of math and dance.  (Lots of firsts).  First time calling 911 for a student.  

I had to prepare lesson plans for a substitute in dance class.  Because I've never had these students before (1st day remember) I had to be creative.  Usually they have a warm up and dances they can do, but I don't even know who they are yet... hence the creative lesson plans.  I thought I would have them fill out a dance questionaire, but was too lazy to make my own I Googled some.  They were all medical forms.  I've never used medical forms, but thought it might be a good idea.  So, I added some medical questions with the dance questions.  

Dance class was a good practice to see how the next day would go with the substitute (time wise).  I passed out the medical forms and the disclosure statements.  We covered all the basics and then did some dancing.  The kids took a break and got a drink.  Two girls walked in, hoping to be my TAs.  As I talked to them, their friend came up all excited to see them then she took a step away and fell flat on her face.

Weird.  I thought she was just goofing around (girls do this all the time in jr. high), but then she started to convulse on the floor.  She was spitting saliva and lots of blood and her body went completely stiff and her eyes rolled back into her head.  I tried to calm her down (and me).  I've delt with seizures before and they usually end in a few seconds...a minute at the most.  This kept going, so using my training from many years as a lifeguard and endless CPR/first aid classes, I picked a specific student and YELLED at him to get Coach Kelly.  The kid just looked at me, no movement.  I yelled again. Nothing.  hmmm... so I picked a girl whose name I knew and yelled for her to get the coach.  Nothing.  Who are these kids?!  Finally she left to get coach.  
She came and I left to call 911 (the one day I didn't have my cell phone on me).  I was very calm and contacted everyone I needed to.  When the paramedics came I was happy that I had these medical forms (that I've never had before) to give them any info they needed... and no, she did not put seizures on her form of conditions she has.

Whew!  She is fine and this was not her first.  I handled the kids, teachers, principal, and situation better than I thought I would in an emergency.   Lets hope that never happens again!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mocktail - A blue tie affair 2009

Despite the UofU bowl game and the huge snow storm, our party was a success!  I can't imagine the outcome if the circumstances would have been different... we may have had to turn people away.  We plan each year in July, never knowing what life will be like over the break and this year it just happened to be one of the biggest football games ever - go figure!

Each year our preparations and set up get easier and more efficient, we make lists of improvements and a list of successes.  This year ran as smoothly as I could have imagined.  The set up was done early enough we could get all dolled up before the party started (1st time in 3 years!).  Dance lessons are taught by Debbie and Christian (a ballroom couple friend of mine) from 6:30-7:30pm.  They teach the Waltz, the Fox Trot, and Swing to anyone who'd like to learn.  We had several couples arrive early for lessons and we saw them try their new steps throughout the party.

 bar (mocktails:  Yellow Bird, Shirley Temple, Lime Ricky, Pina Paradiso, Lime Cooler, and our newest Not Quite Rum Punch - all non-alcoholic) opened at 7:30pm.  Our three bartenders are fun and great drink makers.  The night was full of dancing and socializing.  The dance floor was packed and the tables were over crowded with chatting folks.  We had to pull out more chairs and make space for the movers and the shakers. 

I DJed the dance with my ipod, computer speakers, and a microphone (many people asked me where my sound system was, sweet!  It's in the kitchen, FYI, then they asked where the kitchen was - another success).  There was a mix of music - big band, hip hop, country, swing, ect.  We try to make it fun for people of all shapes and sizes...and ages :)

Because it is held in a public facility we have to end at 10pm.  So we had a last call for hors d'oeuvres and for drinks at the bar, then ended the fantastic fun!  Clean up was a quick hour (quite an achievement from previous parties).  We hope that it continues to grow and more people are able to experience the fun of Mocktail 2010!

joyeux noel (part 2)

Mom and Dad met me at the little airport.  I was so excited to see them I and I wanted to just hug them forever, but didn’t.  Just the normal hugs.  We went to the mission office to wait for my baggage (and so mom could do some office work).  I enjoyed seeing them at work in the mission office.  They are important and have many little projects along with the larger projects.  Many things going on at the same time.  I think they were worried that I wanted to just run everywhere and see everything at once, but I just wanted to hang out with them doing whatever they do.  That night we went to the Stake president’s home for dinner with the other couples (The Hinmans, The Jarvises, The Gardners, and the Petersons - Mission President, his wife and daughter). 


French members are awesome!  They were kind and hilarious.  They had just returned from las vegas.  I tried to join conversation as much as possible, but my brain was so tired that it was hard to focus.  During dinner I would hear someone whisper, “oh she must be exhausted, should we have her sleep upstairs...” then I would realize my eyes were closed.  Oops.  President Peterson had talked about his power naps, so I took one next to the fireplace.  It was toasty and in the corner.  They sang and talked while I slept.  I woke up for the Christmas Eve spiritual stuff.


 bags arrived Christmas morning J  The elders signed for them, so they got one of the Costco jars of peanut butter.  Mom and Dad went through all of the items, some new some old, like they were all a surprise from Santa.  Dad couldn’t have been happier about his California squeegee or his copy of Jesus the Christ.  Mom looked great in all of her new clothes! 

 headed to Mt. Blanc.  It took about an hour and a half.  Mom and dad are not big talkers so it was difficult to stay awake in the silence.  The country side was beautiful and the sun eventually showed its face  HOORAY!  It felt like park city with skiers everywhere and all speaking a different language.  Mom and dad spent all their time and money on a cow bell - very Suisse.  I made dad buy a ski hat with the side wings.  He is sick and its so cold he’ll never get better if he doesn’t cover his head.  We’ll see if he wears it after I leave.  He and mom are against dressing warm.

We didn’t stay long, just long enough to take some sweet shots and head back.  I kept trying to get a picture of hore frost(?) -the white cover of the trees- but I was taking pictures out the window at high speeds, some turned out.. surprisingly.


 made it back to be a little late to lunch at the President’s home.  We passed Les Soeurs.  They didn’t have power and had just missed their train home.  The American Soeur looked so sad and said it was the worst day ever.  My heart hurt for her.  We had another couple of hours at the table.  We ate Hawaiian haystacks - yum!  The couple missionaries are hilarious and interesting, so many different personalities, yet so much the same.  We went shopping for dinner at the new Costco (Hyper Champion).  Baguettes and Pain au chocolat were my main staples anything else didn’t matter.  I think I drank a gallon of chocolat chaud while there.  Nothing is as sweet as American stuff, but I love it... maybe even more.


Joyeux Noel 2008

My parents are missionaries in the Geneva Switzerland mission, so I decided to go there for Christmas this year.  I love Europe, so any excuse to go there is a good excuse, and I miss mom and dad.

There weren’t any direct flights so I ended up flying through Atlanta/Paris then Paris/Boston - both I thought were weird connections, but the travel was easy and smooth.  My baggage missed the switch in Paris - I think its because they wanted to search it - and I got them Christmas morning!

I took a bag for my parents and a bag for me.  I brought home a bag for my parents (gifts/treats) and a bag for me. 

Switzerland is Freezing (which is still and understatement).  The cold gets through any layers and all fabric.  Geneva is more modern than I expected.  More like the suburbs of paris that I’m used to.  A lot of apartment buildings and malls.