Thursday, October 8, 2009


My life is full of amazing people. From family to friends, I am blessed with good, uplifting peeps. As many people know, this September I celebrated my 5 year mark. 5 years represents, in the breast cancer world, the end of cancer as I knew it! I am considered cancer free. No more too regular doctor's check ups, no more tamoxefin, no more hot flashes, and a hope for weight loss :)

Many months ago, my friends and I discussed celebrating this wonderful occasion. And we did... Sandra style! Pink tables, pink capes, pink shirts, pink candy, pink cookies and treats, pink drinks, pink games, pink center pieces... you get the picture. She and Ali went all out for this party, for me.
I'm not too good with a lot of attention and I diverted most of it to the boys with the cones tied to their chests.

Unknown Anthem, my very own band (I am a groupie), played over a half an hour. Thanks to Ali, who knows many famous people. I sat back and enjoyed the music, then took some time to dance. Especially when they played "I'm a survivor" first, because I love the song and then eventually I realized it was because I am a survivor (duh), then I enjoyed it even more and laughed a little to myself.
My brothers, John and Matt came with their families, despite the fact BYU had a football game and who invited all these Utes during their football game?! ... talk about true steph fans :) To be honest, we've been celebrating this 5th year all year and I'm kind of glad to be done with it. I cut off my LIVESTRONG bracelet with a knife and threw it at Sandra (Jenn gave the bracelets to my family when I was diagnosed - 2004 - and I've worn it everyday since). People may stop buying my book, but I'm okay with that... I hope the copies that are out there will reach the people that need it and the rest are used to get me a husband who thinks I'm hilarious (and a hot baldy).