Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm at a point in the school year where I wonder if I really like teaching.  I think I have this feeling every March, so I thought I'd write about it in case it comes up again.  

I feel like my creativity has been sucked from my soul.  I used to come up with creative teaching ideas for math every day; musical chairs, relays, races, games, group projects.  Now I feel like I'm just going through the motions and passing out worksheets, souless and hallow.  This month is probability and data analysis, which should be more interesting and interactive. 

In dance, I'm done with making up new dances.  I don't have another move in me :(  and I only teach one class right now while my student teacher teaches the others.  It has been nice to see what new things she has to bring to my dance classes.  I am trying to absorb some of her enthusiasm and ideas, but I'm too unfocused to remember anything useful.  Ahh the downward spiral!  When's spring break again...

Friday, March 6, 2009

To My Breast Friends...


Its that time of year to join together as Breast Friends and Race for the Cure!  If you're interested in joining my team (which is run by Ali Cole) check this out:  

Breast Friends is the team name.  
*If you'd like a sweatband headband with the team name we have them available for $4 in pink or white.

Rockin' the 80s

So I've hit that time in my life when I see the style of my childhood come back to life.  Skinny jeans, leggings with long shirts and belts, acid washed jeans.  I do enjoy that they improved a little on the 80s - boots instead of leg warmers, leggings instead of shiny tight pants, cute long shirts instead of whatever I remember.  

Flash back Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer.

What a great concert.  They both tried out a few new songs, but they knew that isn't why people came to see them and they indulged us by giving the show we deserved in 1989!  Ice Ice Baby live was exhilarating.  Everyone sang along and did the Running Man (if you had enough room) and the Roger Rabbit.  The place was packed with 80s kids dressed to impress.  Hammer pants, neon spandex, big hair, leotards, leg warmers, pretty much everything.  I was surprised to see the younger generation there, but then again not really because MC Hammer is being played all over school now a days and the kids are dancing up a storm... making fun of the moves I cherished when I learned to groove.

I need to get more pictures from my friends and post some of the new MC and Vanilla...