Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa is Coming

Though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I do like the spirit of Christmas.  (I wrote this next section and sounded totally lame and full of myself, so I've changed the names to protect the innocent...)  I hate the idea of having to give gifts.  I love to give gifts, but not because I feel like I'm supposed to - i.e. Birthdays and Christmas.  I don't like people's expectations.  I've told people my whole life - don't give me presents because I won't give you one :)  and I don't.

What I do love to buy for is sub for santa.  It is completely voluntary and anonymous.  I don't have to stress over purchasing the perfect gift, or wonder if they'll like it or think I'm an idiot.  I don't have to worry at all.  I can just buy what the ornament says or come up with whatever I think is fun.  They can hate it or love it, but I'll never know and that is the spirit of Christmas that I love.  

Every year we set up an angel tree and service auction with friends, for some needy students at my school.  It is fun for me because I can see it change their lives (and ours) just a little bit, but them not knowing it has anything to do with me.  I also love how many people get involved and how generous people are.  These kids get MP3 players, top of the line NIKEs, adorable coats. etc.  Its not just a DI run, but great new things - which is so good when they're teenagers trying to fit in.  I like to imagine happy faces and the excitement when they see all those bright presents under the tree (or probably just on the floor in their apartment) that they get to open on Christmas - even if it is boring things like socks and undies.  

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be able to give to others (under no obligation ;) because I have been so blessed.  I am grateful for all of my friends and wonderful family who too have helped these kids have a better holiday season.  I am not a fan of wrapping presents, so all who helped with that too... bless you and where were you tonight - ugh, if I never see another pair of scissors or scotch tape again, it'll be too soon!  May you all have a fabulous Christmas and feel of Christ's love.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!