Monday, March 20, 2017



As I sat through the "Holmes Homes' experience" last week, I filled out their 3 page survey.  It asked questions like "what other builders did you look at" ummm none, or "why did you choose Holmes" because of the model home, and "why are you moving", easy, because God told me to...

It started awhile back, the feeling like I had something I needed to do but could not pinpoint anything.  I began focusing my prayers on how I could be making more progress in my life, to see if that would help.  Which led me into looking into helping refugees and even became trained to teach classes but it never felt right.  Months passed and I wondered if I was supposed to go back to school for another masters or switch schools, nothing felt right.

One Sunday, mid-September, while meditating during Sacrament meeting I heard a clear quiet voice speak to my mind, "you need to move yourself".   This is not how God usually answers my prayers or talks to me.  He usually speaks to me in logic.  Things seem logical and that is where I follow.  This was a voice in my mind, which was new for me.  My initial reactions were:

What?!  Why?!  Why, by myself?!  AHHH!!!  I ignored the answer for as long as I could...3 whole days.  I had no desire to move and after my first day of house hunting, I felt queasy.  I even asked Sandra to not allow me to buy a house I hated.  I tried finding good things in each listing, but they all made me die a little inside.

We found the model home in Creekside (Daybreak).  It had "me" written all over it and if they would have let me buy the model, I would have...except, of course, it had $60,000 in upgrades and I don't really have that kind of payment plan!  (Another question on the survey "what should we know about you"... I am a level 3 client with a level 1 budget!). Ha ha!  So funny.

There was ONE lot left, ONE LOT!  MY LOT!  Yes, I want the lot, get me that lot!  Please.  It all fell into place and felt right...logical.  I see God's hand in this leap of faith.  It is not easy to leave the safety of my easy life, but I will because God told me to and He wants me to be happy.

(Plus it is taking soooo long that I am able to plan and prepare...and save money enough that I am not overwhelmed. #blessed) ;)

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