Wednesday, March 15, 2017



My brain doesn't work like other brains, ask anyone who knows me.  In college I studied 27 hours for one Physical Science test (yes, the entry level basic science class) and I got a 57% so for the next test I skipped class and didn't open the book and pulled a 76%.  The struggle is real.  I'm a genius in my head, but sometimes I just can't access all that potential.  Connecting information and seeing the big picture is what BYU tested and found is my "learning disability".  I lack comprehension skills and I have no short term memory (again, ask anyone who knows me, they can verify this as truth).

Imagine the frustration of being smart, but not being able to pass tests or get good grades.  I faked good grades through high school, but was rudely awakened my first term at BYU... a 2.1 GPA.  High school honor roll to college probation is a tough transition; a real kick to the face (and ego).  Again imagine: studying, knowing it will not make a difference, and having to maintain the desire to continue studying because that is what college is all about!  Frustrating.

One particularly difficult course, Anatomy, took me three tries to pass (though the first try doesn't really count because I didn't realize I had signed up for it and failed by default). I only continued to take it because it was a prerequisite to becoming a dance major, which was to be my major if I could pass Anatomy with a C or higher.  I could only manage a D-, even with my roommate as my TA in the class!  I passed all our practice quizzes at home, but somehow I couldn't recall anything while on the cadavers.

There were many prayers throughout the semester, but to no avail.  I earned yet another D-  (these are expensive D-s).  Having previously received a clear answer that Dance was to be my major, I could not understand the continual failure.  God has the power to unlock whatever was disabling my brain, but I must be failing to learn some lesson (you know, building character and all that) because He deliberately wasn't releasing all that knowledge on test day!

I felt prompted to discuss my situation with my guidance counselor in the dance field.  The same counselor who told me that "dance isn't for everyone" when I decided to pursue Dance Education as my major.  Not a lot of trust in her "guidance" at this point, but I did trust in the Spirit - which is the only reason I went.  I explained my situation with both Physical Science and Anatomy (D-s in both and both requiring a C or higher to enter the program) and asked what I could do.  She gave me an impromptu Anatomy quiz, right there in her office.   My mind was opened and I answered each question without hesitation.  She waived both classes and I entered the Dance Education program (I didn't even know that was an option or that she had the power to do such a thing).  A prayer answered in God's way and in His time.

"Therefore, ask and ye shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto you; for he that asketh, receiveth; and unto him that knocketh, it shall be opened." (3 Nephi 27:29)

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